Destructo and Friends Host a Smashing Night at Opera

November 8, 2016

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"Opera hosted a smashing night last weekend. The popular Atlanta dance club partnered with Liquified to bring a fantastic lineup of techno, house and hard house djs for a hard night of entertainment. A VIP pass got me upstairs in the spacious venue to separate lounge areas complete with a cocktail waitress and a great view of the dance floor and the artists. In the center of the floor stands multi-tiered, dimly lit octagonal platforms, which allow both club dancers and audience members to elevate their performances above the shoulder to shoulder crowd packed in around them. Within an hour of arriving two decked out ladies had already started performing.

Sita Abellan began the night. She is a young dj from southern Spain. The “techno princess” is known for playing pop electronic and new wave, however, she just dropped a mixtape for deep house Amsterdam and also maintains a successful modeling career.

Next on the roster is Drezo. The California based dj takes the night in a sharper direction with hardcore house and darker, angrier EDM. His remix of Bodies by Drowning Pool had the whole floor jumping ecstatically. A couple of days before this show, the artist posted on his page “making evil music all week ‘cause politics.” His set was angry, aggressive, and the edge continued through the night. Sampling phrases like “fuck the police” and “only God knows” expressed much of the anger that has been felt in our country recently. Music has always played a big role in helping a community express itself and this night was no exception.

House and electro legend Felix da Housecat follows him. The seasoned dj/producer begins his set with samples from the house anthem “Jack’s house.” This is my first time seeing Felix play and his energy is contagious. He plays hard through his whole set, interacting regularly with a crowd that is losing itself to his rhythms. Crazy visuals flash on the screen behind him; An astronaut floating through a sea of stars, an anatomically accurate heart beating in time with the bass and full lipped mouths transitioning to legs and back again in a kaleidoscope flower all flow brightly behind him as he jumps and headbangs to his set.

Destructo takes the mayhem to another level with one of the hardest sets I’ve heard. His rap and metal influences are clearly audible through the demanding, vocal heavy performance. It’s around one thirty in the morning at this point and no one is looking anything close to tired. The previous performers have them so wired that Destructo’s banging beginning has them throwing themselves around ecstatically from the first sounds. His set demonstrates a reckless display of emotion, that resonates with almost every person in the room. The need is a tangible force winding its way through the eyes of all who watch him play.

The crowd is moved. Emotionally and physically they needed catharsis and they got it. The artists immersed them fully in an experience so powerful that if you were in attendance, you had no choice but to succumb to their passion, their energy. Harder music like this is not really something I seek out. But it is something that is needed. The world is not always happy and bouncy, sometimes it rages."

- Clara Goode

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Opera Nightclub and Liquified were saddened to learn of the horrific car accident involving Josh Chavez of Bass Family, Jorden Stella of JStella and Paul Ollinger of Mantis. We want to unite our community and raise money for their medical expenses. We will be donating a portion of tonight’s proceeds for everyone who says BASS FAMILY at the door. Please keep these ATLANTA industry leaders in your thoughts & prayers, and help us come together as we wish them a speedy recovery.

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