Jamie Jones: Whoop There It Is »

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"If Saturday night you came to Opera expecting Jamie Jones to give a deeper melodic tech house set, you were in for a bit of a surprise. Maybe it was because of the venue or maybe it was because the next morning Jones would be flying out to perform at EDC Orlando, but his two-hour set, although extremely enjoyable, had some interesting build-ups and drops that almost walked into EDM territory.

Jamie Jones was brought to Atlanta this time around through Liquified, which has been booking major acts in Atlanta for over 25 years and working with Opera for almost ten years. However, most tech and house heads have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the venue. Their website describes...


Destructo and Friends Host a Smashing Night at Opera »

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"Opera hosted a smashing night last weekend. The popular Atlanta dance club partnered with Liquified to bring a fantastic lineup of techno, house and hard house djs for a hard night of entertainment. A VIP pass got me upstairs in the spacious venue to separate lounge areas complete with a cocktail waitress and a great view of the dance floor and the artists. In the center of the floor stands multi-tiered, dimly lit octagonal platforms, which allow both club dancers and audience members to elevate their performances above the shoulder to shoulder crowd packed in around them. Within an hour of arriving two decked out ladies had already started performing.

Sita Abellan began the night. She is a young dj from southern Spain. The “techno princess”...


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