• The Opera Experience

    The Opera Experience

Atlanta's Ultimate Party Destination

Welcome to Opera Nightclub—Atlanta’s favorite party experience.

Located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta and styled after a historic opera house, Opera provides an unmatched atmosphere featuring 100-foot domed ceilings, gorgeous chandeliers, and a Pure Groove sound system designed to provide the ultimate listening experience. Opera is home to multiple environments, including a spectacular two-story main room, a lavish outdoor cabana area, an elevated garden and fountain suite, and a back-room lounge for intimate gatherings. With different themes each night of the week and an unparalleled facility, Opera is indisputably the most popular and most versatile club in Atlanta.

To round out Opera’s allure, the venue also hosts corporate parties, weddings, and other custom events. With an ability to play both the sexy nightclub and the sophisticated meeting venue, Opera is the leading authority on everything entertainment in Atlanta.

Awards & Accolades

  • Best Nightclub in Atlanta - Jezebel Magazine (2013)
  • Atlanta's #1 Nightlife Club - USA Today (2015)
  • Top 3 Nightclubs in the United States - Nightclub & Bar Magzine (2011)
  • #1 Dance Club in Atlanta - Access Atlanta
  • Home of the city's most popular Wednesday night party
  • Host of Atlanta's most successful Sunday day party--Opera Gardens [Seasonal Event]
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  • Opera Nightclub
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Dress Code

When attending Opera Nightclub, dress to impress. The dress code is upscale and fashionable.

The list of items we do not permit includes, but is not limited to: work boots of any kind, excessively baggy clothing, baseball caps, plain white tees, and athletic wear. Please note that the dress code for our Illuminate Fridays is more relaxed, but we do not allow flip-flops or sandals.

The doorman has final say on dress code.

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Nightclub Hours

  • Wed: 10 PM - 3 AM
  • Fri: 10 PM - 3 AM
  • Sat: 4 PM - 3 AM
  • Sun: 2 PM - 7 PM
  • Office Hours
  • Mon-Fri: 11 AM - 5 PM
  • Location:
  • 1150 Crescent Ave NE
  • Atlanta, GA 30309